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SNL sketch spoofs ‘Chicago’: Kate McKinnon lampoons Kellyanne Conway (via Roxie Hart)


With Saturday Night Live’s parody of “Roxie” from Chicago the Musical, Kellyanne Conway (played spot-on by Kate McKinnon) reveals the real reason she joined Donald Trump’s campaign.  Hilarious!

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YouTube Hallelujah Chorus–Christmas food court flash mob


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On Nov.13 2010 unsuspecting shoppers got a big surprise while enjoying their lunch at the Welland Seaway Mall, Ontario, Canada. Over 100 participants in this awesome Christmas Flash Mob, singing “Hallelujah Chorus” from George Handel’s Messiah.
Sung by members of the Chorus Niagara.

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Sanity Break: Newest TV Series “Chicago Sanitation”!

I think the next series should be about a local theater company called “Chicago Drama”! Anyone have any other suggestions???

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Halloween Advice: Don’t text and fly!

       Halloween advice: Don't text and fly!

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Sanity Break: Awkward Family Photos from 4th of July

4th of July can be a fun time for the entire family, but that doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly, especially when taking family photos.  Here’s some examples:


Ignore the smoke bombs and smile, dammit!!!

tie-dye family from hell The family that ties together, dyes together!


snuggie-family American flag Snuggies? 


Now that’s one classy patriotic hat!



I think Dad is taking the red-white-and-blue thing a bit too far.  By the way, is there someone hiding behind the boy on the left???


fyi: all pictures courtesy of

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Christmas sanity break: 5 year-old Claire signs her Christmas concert for her deaf parents!


The only thing cuter than kindergartners singing in a holiday concert is this video of five-year-old Claire Koch going into full ASL-mode so that her hearing-impaired parents can fully enjoy her class’s holiday show.  (I especially love the “Santa is his Name-O”)  With that expressive face, she’s made for the stage – what a ham!

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Sanity break – Twitter the Musical


Twitter the Musical – how fun is that????

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Jean Stapleton, RIP


Edith Bunker checks out Playgirl Magazine!

I remember, back when I was in elementary school, how our entire family would watch “All in the Family” every Sunday night together.  The fact that my grandma – an active member of the South Dakota republican party – proclaimed it her favorite show, is a true testament to its wide appeal (drawing up to 50 million viewers each week!). 

So with Jean Stapleton’s unfortunate passing, I did some YouTube searching, and found some fun (and touching) videos, including a clip of her in a musical – with Bernadette Peters and Tony Randall! Who knew?




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