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“Prop 8 – The Musical” starring Jack Black as Jesus

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Cheech and Chong ????


Cheech And Chong Lunch Box File this in the “coming-back-to-haunt-you” file.  As a kid, I never understood “Cheech and Chong”.  Jeff, my obnoxious older brother loved them; thought they were crudely hilarious.  (maybe that’s another reason why I didn’t care for the duo!).  Forward to the present – today’s Trib has an article about this comedy team – that they are “lighting up stages again”.   If you can believe it, Cheech is now 62 and Chong is 72!  Facts like that give me one of those “f*ck I’m getting old” moments. 

So, while I wallow in my self-pity, if you’re interested, you can the article here, written by Benjamin Ortiz..

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