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Review – “Altar Boyz” at Drury Lane

altarboyz2.jpgProduction: Altar Boyz
ProducersDrury Lane Water Tower
Synopsis: The Christian rock band, The Altar Boyz, is holding their final concert before they break up, and you’re the audience.  In the process of the evening, a handy “Soul-ometer” updates the audience as to how many souls have been saved as the concert continues.  Will your soul be saved by this kitschy group of boy band popsters?
Pros: Cleverly cute songs, including “Jesus Called Me On My Cell Phone” and a lesson in maneuvering a Catholic mass (“Stand up, sit down, kneel, go in peace…).  The mostly-local cast is great, and the show’s gimmick, the large digital “Soul-ometer”, works well, holding the show together.
Cons: Songs trend towards pop fluff, high ticket price.
Overall: Though you will not walk away from Altar Boyz spiritually enlightened, you definitely will be exhausted from the pure fun and athleticism of the show.  Check it out!

Rating: «««½

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Praises abound for “Altar Boyz”

AltarBoyz - Chicago Cast

Chicago cast of Altar Boyz

From Chris Jones at the Chicago Tribune :

Despite the dizzying array of competing entertainments on offer this fall, I suspect “Altar Boyz” will do well at Water Tower. Just 90 fast-moving minutes in the company of an attractive male cast, this will be irreverent enough to please shoppers out to let loose a little on the Magnificent Mile and affectionate enough to ensure no one cancels church.  (To read entire review, click here.)

And Hedy Weiss at the Sun-Times calls Altar Boyz “A high-spirited journey to epiphany”, adding:

As for the “boyz,” they are tireless and neatly differentiated. Devin DeSantis is Matthew, the easily charming lead boy; Brian Crum is Mark, the megavoiced “gay Catholic”; Tyler McGee is Luke, the ever “exhausted” substance abuser with acrobatic skills; Adam Zelasko is Juan, the Mexican foundling, and Nick Verina is Abraham, the wandering Jew and lyrics writer. The powerhouse onstage band, led by Chicago’s Alan Bukowiecki, is hot. Now all that is needed is a DVD featuring the Altar Boyz’ workout routine.  (read entire review here.)

Kris Vire of TimeOut Chicago:

Altar Boyz ends not a moment too soon—any longer than 90 minutes and the joke would overplay its welcome—but for anyone with a religious background and a sense of humor about it, these five triple-threat actors (a more sparkling crop than we often get in Chicago musicals) should win over plenty of converts. (read entire review)

MORE REVIEWS: Tom Williams at – “…entertaining, catchy, and pleasant”,

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In honor of the opening tonight of “Altar Boyz”

As tonight is the opening of “The Altar Boyz” in downtown Chicago, I thought I’d post a little teaser that I found on YouTube.  Enjoy!

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