Giving “House Theater” the boot???

springfarm1-small.jpgLooks like one of my favorite theatre companies is losing their performance space.  House Theater has called the barn-like Viaduct its home for a number of glorious years.  The space, located near the corner of Belmont and Western, always has had such a gritty feel to it – tucked away west of Lakeview, one not even knowing that a theater was there if you missed the small “Viaduct” arrow.  But once you got inside, the energy of the space was amazing. House Theater used this yawning space to great advantage, being able to reconfigure the seating to fit the show. 

Unfortunately the Viaduct owners have decided that they would like to take the space towards a new direction.  Not really sure what that means – a music venue?  A bar?  A Gentlmen’s Club?  (yeah, right). 

 I really hope that House Theater will take their time in finding the perfect spot.  Artistic director Nathan Allen reports that they are now looking for a flexible space in the areas of Lincoln Square, Roscoe Village or Uptown.  I personally think that Uptown, somewhere around the Lawrence or Wilson el stops, would be an ideal location, but it all depends on what’s available.  Good luck!

By the way, if you haven’t checked out their smash hit “The Sparrow” at the Apollo Theater, do it now!!

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Praises abound for “Altar Boyz”

AltarBoyz - Chicago Cast

Chicago cast of Altar Boyz

From Chris Jones at the Chicago Tribune :

Despite the dizzying array of competing entertainments on offer this fall, I suspect “Altar Boyz” will do well at Water Tower. Just 90 fast-moving minutes in the company of an attractive male cast, this will be irreverent enough to please shoppers out to let loose a little on the Magnificent Mile and affectionate enough to ensure no one cancels church.  (To read entire review, click here.)

And Hedy Weiss at the Sun-Times calls Altar Boyz “A high-spirited journey to epiphany”, adding:

As for the “boyz,” they are tireless and neatly differentiated. Devin DeSantis is Matthew, the easily charming lead boy; Brian Crum is Mark, the megavoiced “gay Catholic”; Tyler McGee is Luke, the ever “exhausted” substance abuser with acrobatic skills; Adam Zelasko is Juan, the Mexican foundling, and Nick Verina is Abraham, the wandering Jew and lyrics writer. The powerhouse onstage band, led by Chicago’s Alan Bukowiecki, is hot. Now all that is needed is a DVD featuring the Altar Boyz’ workout routine.  (read entire review here.)

Kris Vire of TimeOut Chicago:

Altar Boyz ends not a moment too soon—any longer than 90 minutes and the joke would overplay its welcome—but for anyone with a religious background and a sense of humor about it, these five triple-threat actors (a more sparkling crop than we often get in Chicago musicals) should win over plenty of converts. (read entire review)

MORE REVIEWS: Tom Williams at – “…entertaining, catchy, and pleasant”,

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In honor of the opening tonight of “Altar Boyz”

As tonight is the opening of “The Altar Boyz” in downtown Chicago, I thought I’d post a little teaser that I found on YouTube.  Enjoy!

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Review – GayCo Production’s “iHole”

iHoleProduction: iHole
Producers: GayCo Productions
Synopsis: iHole finds the uproarious hilarity of a nation and a queer community taking separate but equal journeys as they are sucked into the powerful force of the iHole.  Through it all, GayCo learns what politicians have known for years: it’s hard to resist being pulled into The Center.
Pros: Energetic, funny skits about gay life in Chicago, great location, low ticket price of $15
Cons: Uneven, a few segments fall flat
Overall: iHole is a great compliment to a fun evening out in Lakeview. Take in the revue, and then go out for dinner and drinks.

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GayCo video – “DaVinci Code” – the movie

Unfortunately, GayCo has not posted a video from their current production, iHole, but here’s a fun video from a past production.  Gives you a general idea of their style.

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“Curtains” CD – Really Like It!

Curtains - Original Broadway Cast

I just bought the recently-released Broadway recording of “Curtains“, starring David Hyde Pierce (check out at interesting interview Pierce gave regarding the show and his career in general).  It echoes back to earlier Broadway from the 50’s.  The lyrics are clever, and there’s a *biting* song about theatre critics, or – more accurately – whether theatre critics deserve to live.  (ouch!).  I suggest you listen to track excerpts from the CD!

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Praise for Chicago’s Entertainment Project

Since 1993, The Entertainment Project of Chicago has been hosting one of the nation’s top arts camp, as well as producing dozens of first-rate plays and performances.  I found some fun clips on YouTube featuring some of these productions.  Special thanks and admiration goes to the entire staff of the Project, especially executive director, and founder, Timothy Kiernan.

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American Theatre Company to debut updated “I Do! I Do!”

I definitely will be going to this – the premiere of an updated version of “I Do! I Do!” at the American Theatre Company.  They did a great job last year with “Oklahoma” and I’m sure will not disappoint with this production.

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