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Review: The Food Show (The Neo-Futurists)

Oliver Camacho and Bilal Dardai star in The Food Show, The Neo-Futurists            

The Food Show

Created by Dan Kerr-Hobert, Caitlin Stainken
Metropolitan Brewing, 3031 N. Rockwell (map)
thru Sept 2  |  tix: $10-$25  |  more info
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Review: The School for Lies (The Artistic Home)

 Annie Hogan and Brookelyn Hebert star in The School for Lies, Artistic Home           

The School for Lies
Adapted by David Ives  
The Artistic Home, 1376 W. Grand (map)
thru Aug 13  |  tix: $28-$32  |  more info
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Review: Rutherford’s Travels (Pegasus Theatre Chicago)

Breon Arzell stars as Rutherford Calhoun in Rutherford's Travels, Pegasus Players           

Rutherford’s Travels

Adapted by Ilesa Duncan, David Barr III
   from novel by Charles Johnson
at Chicago Dramatists, 773 N. Aberdeen (map)
thru Dec 4  |  tix: $30  |  more info
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Review: Ulysses (The Plagiarists)

Isaac Samuelson, Christopher Donaldson, Ashley Fox, James Snyder, Sheridan Singleton, David Fink, Charlotte



Adapted by Jessica Wright Buha
   and Aileen McGroddy
From novel by James Joyce
Berger Pk. House, 6205 N. Sheridan (map)
thru Apr 30  |  tix: $20  |  more info
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Review: Pop Waits (The Neo-Futurists)

Malic White and Molly Brennan, Pop Waits, Neo-Futurists          

Pop Waits

Created by Malic White, Molly Brennan
at Neo-Futurarium, 5153 N. Ashland (map)
thru March 19  |  tix: $10-$20  | more info
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Review: Byhalia, Mississippi (The New Colony & Definition Theatre)

Liz Sharpe and Evan Linder star in The New Colony and Definition Theatre's world-premiere "Byhalia Mississippi" by Evan Linder, directed by Tyrone Phillips. (photo credit: Joe Mazza)         

Byhalia, Mississippi

Written by Evan Linder
at The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee (map)
thru Feb 21 |  tix: $20-$30  |  more info
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Review: Ibsen’s Ghosts (Mary-Arrchie Theatre)

Gage Wallace stars as Oswald in Mary-Arrchie's "Ibsen's Ghosts," adapted and directed by Greg Allen. (photo credit: Joe Mazza)         
Ibsen’s Ghosts 

Adapted, Directed by Greg Allen
at Angel Island, 735 W. Sheridan (map)
thru Dec 20  |  tix: $20-$30   |  more info
Check for half-price tickets   

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Review – R + J: The Vineyard (Red Theater Chicago and Oracle Productions)

McKenna Liesman and Brendan Connelly star as Juliet and Romeo in Oracle and Red Theater's "R + J: The Vineyard," adapted by Aaron Sawyer and Janette Bauer, directed by Aaron Sawyer. (photo credit: Joe Mazza)          
R + J: The Vineyard 

Adapted by Janette Bauer
     and Aaron Sawyer
at Oracle Theatre, 3809 N. Broadway (map)
thru Dec 12  |  tickets: FREE   |  more info 

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