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Review: The Tall Girls (Shattered Globe Theatre)

Angie Shriner, Abbey Smith, Tina Muñoz Pandya, Christina Gorman, Tracey Green and Joseph Wiens in Tall Girls           

The Tall Girls 

Written by Meg Miroshnik
at Theater Wit, 1229 W. Belmont (map)
thru Feb 25  |  tix: $15-$35  |  more info
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Review: White Tie Ball (Teatro Vista)

Nate Santana and Gabriel Ruiz star in the world premiere of Teatro Vista's "White Tie Ball" by Martin Zimmerman, directed by Edward Torres. (photo credit: Charles Osgood)        
White Tie Ball

Written by Martin Zimmerman  
Directed by Edward Torres 
VG Studio, 2433 N. Lincoln (map)
thru Oct 13  |  tickets: $25-$30   |  more info
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