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Review: Machinal (Greenhouse Theater Center)

Scott Shimizu, Heather Chrisler and Maddie DePorter with (front, l to r) Sarah Rachel Schol, Paul Michael Thomson, Maddie Bu            



Written by Sophie Treadwell 
Greenhouse Theater, 2257 N. Lincoln (map)
thru Sept 24  |  tix: $15-$35  |  more info
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Review: Her Majesty’s Will (Lifeline Theatre)

 Javier Ferreira and Bryan Bosque star as William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe in Her Majesty's Will               


Her Majesty’s Will
Adapted by Robert Kauzlaric
  from novel by David Blixt   
Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood (map)
thru July 16  |  tix: $20-$40  |  more info
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Review: Captain Blood (First Folio Theatre)

Nick Sandys, Heather Chrisler and Austin England star in Captain Blood, First Folio           

Captain Blood

Adapted by David Rice
  from novel by Rafael Sabatini
First Folio Theatre, Oak Brook (map)
thru Feb 26  |  tix: $29-$39  |  more info
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Review: Rutherford’s Travels (Pegasus Theatre Chicago)

Breon Arzell stars as Rutherford Calhoun in Rutherford's Travels, Pegasus Players           

Rutherford’s Travels

Adapted by Ilesa Duncan, David Barr III
   from novel by Charles Johnson
at Chicago Dramatists, 773 N. Aberdeen (map)
thru Dec 4  |  tix: $30  |  more info
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Review: Romeo and Juliet (Muse of Fire Theatre)

Heather Chrisler and Benjamin Ponce star as Juliet and Romeo in Muse of Fire Theatre's "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakeseare, directed by Jemma Alix Levy. (photo credit: Teresa Foote)     
Romeo and Juliet

Written by William Shakespeare 
Directed by Jemma Alix Levy
at Ingraham Park, Evanston (map)
thru Sept 7  |  tickets: FREE   |  more info 

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Review: Emma (Dead Writers Theatre Collective)

Brandon Johnson and Heather Chrisler in Dead Writers Theatre Collective's "Emma," adapted by Michael Bloom, directed by Jim Schneider. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)        

Written by Michael Bloom
Directed by Jim Schneider
at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont (map)
thru Date  |  tickets: $25-$42   |  more info
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