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Review: Shakespeare in Love (Chicago Shakespeare)

Kate McGonigle and Nick Rehberger star in Shakespeare in Love 2 (photo Jeff Sciortino)           

Shakespeare in Love

Adapted by Lee Hall 
Chicago Shakespeare, Navy Pier (map)
thru Jun 18  |  tix: $58-$88  |  more info
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Review: Julius Caesar (Brown Paper Box Co.)

Amy Malcom and Jeff Kurysz in Julius Caesar          

Julius Caesar

Written by William Shakespeare 
Adapted/Directed by Lavina Jadhwani
Greenhouse Theater, 2257 N. Lincoln (map)
thru Apr 3  |  tix: $25  |  more info
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Review: Posh (Steep Theatre)

Colin Sphar stars as Hugo in Steep Theatre's "Posh" by Laura Wade, directed by Jonathan Berry. (photo credit: Gregg Gilman)          


Written by Laura Wade
Steep Theatre, 1115 W. Berwyn (map)
thru Mar 26  |  tix: $25-$35   |  more info
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Review: Year of the Rooster (Red Theater Chicago)

Gage Wallace and Barbara Button star in Red Theater's "Year of the Rooster" by Eric Dufault, directed by Carrie Lee Patterson. (photo credit: Austin D. Oie)          

Year of the Rooster

Written by Eric Dufault
at The Frontier, 1106 W. Thorndale (map)
thru Feb 6  |  tix: free  | more info 


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Review – R + J: The Vineyard (Red Theater Chicago and Oracle Productions)

McKenna Liesman and Brendan Connelly star as Juliet and Romeo in Oracle and Red Theater's "R + J: The Vineyard," adapted by Aaron Sawyer and Janette Bauer, directed by Aaron Sawyer. (photo credit: Joe Mazza)          
R + J: The Vineyard 

Adapted by Janette Bauer
     and Aaron Sawyer
at Oracle Theatre, 3809 N. Broadway (map)
thru Dec 12  |  tickets: FREE   |  more info 

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Review: Great Expectations (Strawdog Theatre, 2014)

Cody Proctor and Mike Tepeli star in Strawdog Theatre's "Great Expectations," adapted by Gale Childs Daly from the Charles Dickens novel, directed by Jason W. Gerace. (photo credit: Kyle Hamman)        
Great Expectations

Adapted by Gale Childs Daly
from the novel by Charles Dickens  
Directed by Jason W. Gerace
at Strawdog Theatre, 3829 N. Broadway (map)
thru Dec 20  |  tickets: $28   |  more info
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Review: Dark of the Moon (New American Folk Theatre)

Jeff Kurysz and Sarah Gise star in New American Folk Theatre's "Dark of the Moon" by Howard Richardson and William Berney, directed by Anthony Whitaker and Jamal Howard.        
Dark of the Moon

By Howard Richardson and William Berney  
Directed by Anthony Whittaker and Jamal Howard
at The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee (map)
thru June 29  |  tickets: $15   |  more info
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Review: Amadeus (BoHo Theatre)

Chris Ballou and Steve O'Connell star as Mozart and Salieri in BoHo Theatre's "Amadeus" by Peter Shaffer, directed by Peter Marston Sullivan. (photo credit: Peter Coombs)        

Written by Peter Shaffer 
Directed by Peter Marston Sullivan
at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont (map)
thru March 16  |  tickets: $25   |  more info
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