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Review: At the Table (Broken Nose Theatre)

Johnard Washington, Echaka Agba and David Weiss star in At the Table, Broken Nose Theatre            


At the Table

Written by Michael Perlman 
The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee (map)
thru Aug 26  |  pay-what-you-can  |  more info   

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Review: La Havana Madrid (Teatro Vista)

Sandra Delgado stars in La Havana Madrid, Teatro Vista Chicago            

La Havana Madrid

Created by Sandra Delgado
1700 Theatre at Steppenwolf (map)
thru May 28  |  tix: $15-50  |  more info
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Review: The Wolf at the End of the Block (Teatro Vista)

Gabriel Ruiz and Ayssette Muñoz star as Abe and Miranda in Wolf at The End of the Block, Teatro Vista           

The Wolf at the
   End of the Block

Written by Ike Holter
R. Christiansen Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln (map)
thru March 5  |  tix: $25-$30  |  more info
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Review: A View from the Bridge (Teatro Vista)

Ayssette Muñoz and Tommy Rivera-Vega star in Teatro Vista's "A View from the Bridge" by Arthur Miller, directed by Ricardo Gutierrez. (photo credit: Joel Maisonet)        
A View from the Bridge

Written by Arthur Miller  
Directed by Ricardo Gutierrez
VG Biograph Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln (map)
thru May 18  |  tickets: $25-$30   |  more info
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Review: The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs (Lifeline Theatre)

David Sajewich, Diana Coates and Allison Cain in True Story of 3 Pigs, Lifeline Theatre         
The True Story  
     of the Three Little Pigs

Book and Lyrics by Robert Kauzlaric  
Music by Paul Gilvary and William Rush
Directed by Amanda Link  
at Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood (map)
thru Feb 16  Mar 2  |  tickets: $15   |  more info 
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Review: The Emperor’s New Threads – A Fashion Statement (Lifeline Theatre)

Mike Ooi and Kacy Ann Smith star in  Lifeline Theatre's "The Emperor's New Threads: A Fashion Statement" by Frances Limoncelli and George Howe.  (photo credit: Kelsey Jorissen)        
The Emperor’s New Threads:
     A Fashion Statement

Adapted and Directed by Frances Limoncelli
Music and Lyrics by George Howe
at Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood (map)
thru April 28 May 5  tickets: $15   |  more info
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Review: Nickel History – The Nation of Heat (16th Street Theater and Firecat Projects)

Tony Fitzpatrick, the co-creator of "Nickel History: The Nation of Heat", presented by 16th Street Theatre and Firecat Project, adapted and directed by Ann Filmer.        
Nickel History:
     The Nation of Heat

Written by Tony Fitzpatrick (with Stan Klein)
Adapted and directed by Ann Filmer
Steppenwolf Garage, 1624 N. Halsted (map)
thru Aug 5   |  tickets: $27   |  more info 
Check for half-price tickets 
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Review: THIS TRAIN (16th Street Theater at Steppenwolf)

An expressive train ride full of colorful humanity



16th Street Theater presents
Written and performed by Tony Fitzpatrick
Directed by
Ann Filmer
at Steppenwolf’s
Merle Reskin Garage Theatre (map)
through August 1st  |  tickets: $22  |  more info

reviewed by Katy Walsh

Imagine riding the Red Line with Michael Moore, John Goodman and Mother Theresa to the Morse Stop to decipher the graffiti, enjoy the art and give money to the poor while a street musician serenaded. 16th Street Theater presents THIS TRAIN at Steppenwolf’s Merle Reskin Garage Theatre. It’s a multi-media experience written and performed by artist, poet, actor Tony Fitzpatrick. The show is a collection of this-train3 expression; projected images of art accompanied by sung verse intermingled with real life tales of vagabonds through history and on Damen Avenue. This decoupage of the plight of the hobo uses political rants and amusing side stories to get at the core illustration: ‘the greatest crime in this country is to be poor.’ With the current economic climate, THIS TRAIN is a timely ride connecting beyond people’s stations in life.

THIS TRAIN is Tony Fitzpatrick’s one hobo show. A musician trio and a Paul Shaffer-look-a-like sidekick are present but they are more props in ‘Tony’s World.’ Fitzpatrick shares personal stories of his journey as an artistic drifter. Channeling a new age hobo confidence, he likes to be paid first and in cash. Mimicking his Ukraine neighbor, Studs Terkel, or a plethora of homeless visitors to his studio, Fitzpatrick is a masterful storyteller creating visuals from his word choices. What keeps the show from being a vanity showcase is Fitzpatrick’s vulnerability, compassion and genuine fondness for the poor. He knows the impoverished by name. ‘I’m two paychecks away from being Tony and one drink away from being Wayne.’ Along with his stories, the audience gets glimpses of his art. Pictures of his art are projected with music accompaniment and Fitzpatrick’s recorded poetry. The art is folksy abstract with the fusion graphics of skeletons, words and the hobo alphabet. Fitzpatrick’s proclamations of ‘language comes from art’ and ‘art is a labor of desire’ are represented in this auto-biographical ‘wonder’ choice where he fully loves and participates.


ThisTrain_SallyandJohn  ThisTrainEnsemble
this-train5 this-train2

Under the direction of Ann Filmer, ‘voiceover Tony’ and ‘real life Tony’ segments transition without a hitch. The show has an unrehearsed, authentic, stopover in ‘Tony’s World’ feel. The style seems gritty and spontaneous to match the content. For the projection segments, Kristin Reeves has created a video that uses movement, people, paintings and the written word as a vehicle synced perfectly with a pre-recorded Fitzpatrick narration or Kat Eggleston’s soulful singing. The effect is breaking up the commute watching YouTube videos on an I-pod.

Public transportation is not for everyone. But for those who appreciate the colorful humanity that makes any transit ride more entertaining, Fitzpatrick drives THIS TRAIN up close and personal. Catch THIS TRAIN off the Red Line Clybourn stop or hop the Blue Line to Big Cat Press, 2124 N. Damen, for daily encore presentations.

Rating: ★★★

Running Time: 100 minutes included a fifteen minute intermission

3 WORDS: Getting on the Brown Line, James describes the show with “Next Stop: Chicago.”

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