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Review: At the Table (Broken Nose Theatre)

Johnard Washington, Echaka Agba and David Weiss star in At the Table, Broken Nose Theatre            


At the Table

Written by Michael Perlman 
The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee (map)
thru Aug 26  |  pay-what-you-can  |  more info   

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Review: Haymarket – The Anarchist’s Songbook (Underscore Theatre)

LaKecia Harris, Tyler Merle Thompson, David Kaplinsky, Victoria Olivier, Khaki Pixley, Summer Hofford           
  The Anarchist’s Songbook

Music by David Kornfeld
Book and Lyrics by Alex Higgin-Houser 
Edge Theatre, 5451 N. Broadway (map)
thru June 12  |  tix: $20-$25  |  more info
Check for half-price tickets   

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Review: Trafford Tanzi (Prologue Theatre)

David Stobbe and Lakecia Harris star as Dean and Tanzi in Prologue Theatre's "Trafford Tanzi" by Claire Luckham, directed by Carrie Hardin. (photo credit: Tom McGrath)        
Trafford Tanzi

Written by Claire Luckham  
Directed by Carrie Hardin
at Fizz Bar & Grill, 3320 N. Lincoln (map)
thru June 28  |  tickets: $20   |  more info
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