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Review: Alias Grace (Rivendell Theatre)

Ashley Neal and Steve Haggard star as Grace Marks and Simon Jordan in Alias Grace, Rivendell Theatre            


Alias Grace

Adapted by Jennifer Blackmer
  from novel by Margaret Atwood
Rivendell Theatre, 5779 N. Ridge (map)
thru Nov 4  |  tix: $38  |  more info
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Review: Schoolhouse Rock Live! (Broadway Playhouse)

Jed Feder, Emily Goldberg and Eliza-Jane Morris in Schoolhouse Rock Live, Broadway Chicago          

Schoolhouse Rock Live! 

Directed by Morgan Ashley Madison
Broadway Playhouse, 175 E. Chestnut (map)
thru Aug 28  |  tix: $16-$24  | more info
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Review: Prowess (Jackalope Theatre)

Sydney Charles and Julian Parker in Prowess, Jackalope Theatre           

Written by Ike Holter
at Broadway Armory Park
5917 N. Broadway (map)
thru Jun 25  |  tix: $15-$30  |  more info
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