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Review: The Source (Route 66 Theatre)

Cody Proctor and Kristina Valada-Viars star in The Source by Gabriel McKinley, Route 66 Theatre 4            

The Source

Written by Gabe McKinley
at The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee (map)
thru April 2  |  tix: $35  |  more info
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Review: In Pigeon House (Seanachai Theatre)

Basher, left (John Mossman), Dolly, center (Katherine Schwartz), Masher, right (Barbara Figgins) are the Gate Theatre players in Seanachaí Theatre Company’s production of IN PIGEON HOUSE by Honor Molloy, directed by Brian Shaw at the Den Theatre.  (photo credit: Eileen Moloy)        
In Pigeon House 

Written by Honor Molloy
Directed by Brian Shaw
The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee (map)
thru Nov 18  |  tickets: $26-$30   |  more info   
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Review: GRAPHOMANIA (Plasticene)

Brian Shaw, Julia Neary and Mark Comiskey - Plasticene Graphomania       

Written and Directed by Plasticene  
at Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. Division (map)
thru April 1  |  tickets: $20   |  more info
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