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Review: Domesticated (Steppenwolf Theatre)

Mary Beth Fisher and Tom Irwin star in Steppenwolf Theatre's "Domesticated," written and directed by Bruce Norris. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)          


Written & Directed by Bruce Norris
Steppenwolf Theatre, 1650 N. Halsted (map)
thru Feb 7  |  tix: $20-$89  |  more info
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Review: Animal Farm (Steppenwolf Theatre)

Matt Kahler and Will Allan star in Steppenwolf Theatre's "Animal Farm," adated from the George Orwell novel by Althos Low, directed by Hallie Gordon. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)        
Animal Farm

Adapted by Althos Low
Directed by Hallie Gordon
at Steppenwolf Theatre, 1650 N. Halsted (map)
thru Nov 16  |  tickets: $20   |  more info
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Review: Luck of the Irish (Next Theatre)

Austin Tally and Lily Mojekwu star in Next Theatre's "Luck of the Irish" by Kirsten Greenidge, directed by Damon Kiely. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)        
Luck of the Irish

Written by Kirsten Greenidge  
Directed by Damon Kiely 
Noyes Cultural Arts Center, Evanston (map)
thru Feb 23  |  tickets: $30-$45   |  more info
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Top 10 Chicago Plays of 2013

Karl Hamilton and Mark David Kaplan in Chicago Children's Theater's "A Year with Frog and Toad" by Robert and William Reale, directed by Henry Godinez. (photo credit: Charles Osgood) Greta Oglesby and Toni Martin in TimeLine Theatre's "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry, directed by Ron OJ Parson. (photo credit: Lara Goetsch) Hans Fleischmann stars as Tom in Mary-Arrchie Theatre's "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams, directed by Hans Fleischmann. (photo credit: Emily Schwartz) Jackson Doran, GQ, JQ and Postell Pringle in Chicago Shakespeare's "Othello: The Remix," created and directed by the Q Brothers. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow) Kenesha Reed, Genesis Salamanca, Angelina Llongueras, Lindsey Scalise, Hisako Sugeta and Danielle Nicholas star in Her Story Theater's "Shadow Town," written and directed by Mary Bonnett. (photo credit: Katie Herst)
Redtwist Theatre's "Clybourne Park" starred Kelly Owens Rodman, Michael Sherwin and Frank Pete star in Redtwist Theatre's "Clybourne Park" by Bruce Norris, directed by Steve Scott. (phtoo credit: Kimberly Loughlin) Manny Buckley, Tyshaun Lang, Keith Neagle, McKenzie Chinn, Lucy Sandy, Marjie Southerland and Morgan McNaugh in Pavement Group's "Harry and the Thief" by Sigrid Gilmer, directed by Krissy Vanderwarker. (photo credit: Brittany Barnes) Shavac Prakash and Scott Baity, Jr star in Collaboraction's "Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology," conceived and directed by Anthony Moseley. (photo credit: Cesario Moza) Daniel Strauss and Lauren Lopez star as El-Fayoumy and Mother Theresa in Judas Redux and Starkid's "Last Days of Judas Iscariot" by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by Julia Albain. Callie Johnson, Rod Thomas, Susan McMongale and Josh Tolle in Drury Lane Theatre's "Next to Normal," directed by William Osetek. (photo credit: Brett Beiner)


Another year, another 12 months of great theater! 2013 blessed the Windy City with inspired new works and riveting revivals from a wide range of companies – the largest equity houses to the smallest of Chicago’s storefronts. Taking into account the 600+ productions that we reviewed in 2013, here are our picks for the best of the best. Bravo!!   (note: for the 3rd year in a row, we’re honored to have the national website Huffington Post use our choices for their Top 10 Chicago productions!)

See our picks below the fold

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Review: A Raisin in the Sun (TimeLine Theatre)

Greta Oglesby and Toni Martin in Raisin in the Sun, TimeLine Theatre        
A Raisin in the Sun

Written by Lorraine Hansberry
Directed by Ron OJ Parson
at TimeLine Theatre, 615 W. Wellington (map)
thru Nov 17  |  tickets: $35-$48   |  more info
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Review: The Three Musketeers (Lifeline Theatre)

Deanna Myers and Glenn Stanton in Three Musketeers at Lifeline Theatre        
The Three Musketeers 

Book by Alexandre Dumas
Adapted by Robert Kauzlaric
Directed by Amanda Delheimer Dimond
at Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood (map)
thru July 21  |  tickets: $40   |  more info
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Review: Failure: A Love Story (Victory Gardens Theater)

Baize Buzan and Matt Fletcher star in Victory Garden's "Failure: A Love Story" by Philip Dawkins, directed by Seth Bockley. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)        
Failure: A Love Story 

Written by Philip Dawkins
Directed by Seth Bockley
at VG Biograph Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln (map)
thru Dec 30  |  tickets: $35-$50   |  more info
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Review: Freshly Fallen Snow (Chicago Dramatists)

Chicago Dramatists' "Freshly Fallen Snow" by M.E.H. Lewis, directed by Meghan Beals McCarthy.        
Freshly Fallen Snow 

Written by M.E.H. Lewis
Directed by Meghan Beals McCarthy
Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W. Chicago (map)
thru Oct 28  |  tickets: $32   |  more info
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