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Review: Ubu II–Electric Boog-Ubu, or Free Ubu (The Plagiarists)

Ubu II Electric Boogubu, or Free Ubu by The Plagiarists 6            


Ubu II
Adapted by Gregory Peters
   from play by Alfred Jarry 
at Berger Park, 6205 N. Sheridan (map)
thru Sept 30  |  tix: $15-$20  |  more info    
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Review: Season Pass (The Plagiarists)

Alexandria Frenkel, Nick Freed, Sara Jean McCarthy, Ken Miller, Wes Needham, Jessica Saxvik and Charlesanne Rabensburg star in The Plagiarists' "Season Pass," directed by Mary Rose O'Connor and Paul Kastner. (photo credit: Joe Mazza)        
Season Pass

Written by The Plagiarists  
Directed by Mary Rose O’Connor, Paul Kastner
The Frontier Storefront, 1106 W. Thorndale (map)
thru Sept 28  |  tickets: $15-$20   |  more info
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Review: The Feast of Saint McGonagall (The Plagiarists)

Ken Miller and Jack Dugan star in The Plagiarists' "The Feast of Saint McGonagall" by Jessica Wright Buha, directed by Gregory Peters. (Photo credit: Jasmine Basci)       
The Feast of Saint McGonagall 

Written by Jessica Wright Buha
Directed by Gregory Peters
Berger Park Coach House, 6205 N. Sheridan (map)
thru Dec 29  |  tickets: $15-$20   |  more info
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Review: I Am Saying This Right Now (The Plagiarists)

Dylan Marks, Jessica Saxvik, Ken Miller - the Plagiarists       
I Am Saying This Right Now 

Conceived and Edited by Kaitlin Byrd
Directed by Paul Kastner and Kim Miller
Berger Park Cultural Ctr, 6205 Sheridan (map)
thru Feb 11  |  tickets: $15-$20   |  more info
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