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Review: Bootycandy (Windy City Playhouse)

Osiris Khepera stars in BOOTYCANDY, Windy City Playhouse           


Written & Directed by Robert O’Hara
Windy City Playhouse, 3014 W. Irving Park (map)
thru April 15  |  tix: $25-$55  |  more info
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First Look 2013 Repertory of New Work (Steppenwolf Theatre)

David Seeber and Jennifer Avery in "Annie Bosh Is Missing" by Janine Nabers, directed by Shade Murray, part of Steppenwolf Theatre's 2013 First Look Repertory of New Work. (photo credit: Emily Schwartz)        
First Look 2013 
Repertory overview by Katy Walsh
Steppenwolf Garage, 1624 N. Halsted (map)
thru Aug 25  |  tickets: $20   |  more info 
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Steppenwolf Theatre’s First Look Repertory: Want

Janelle Kroll - Steppenwolf Theatre       

Written by Zayd Dohrn
Directed by Kimberly Senior 
Steppenwolf Garage, 1624 N. Halsted (map)
thru Nov 20  |  tickets: $20   |  more info

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